We are indebted to Peter Barton, a maritime historian who specialised in 18th and 19th Century Teesside and Hartlepool shipping and ship-building, who has done an enormous amount of research on the Countess and has been kind enough to share it all with us. It was Peter who compiled the voyages list here.

1865 voyage

Issue Date

Report from

Report Date

Master named

Arrived from or sailed to


Oct 16

Lyttleton N.Z.

July 26


arrived from

Hobart Town

Oct 16

Hobart Town

Aug 23


The Countess of Seafield which arrived here on 17 August from Lyttleton will, it is said, have to be sold



copyright © Peter Barton 2002

Additional comments made by Peter:

This list has been compiled from notes taken from microfilm held at the London Guildhall Library. These are not always as clear as could be wished and perhaps one or two entries may yield a little more information than appears here. The occasional name, where obviously there has been an error in the published Lloyd's List, has been corrected. e.g. Hampshaw for Hamshaw & Browning for Brown.

I have added Lloyd's List extract entries enclosed in {brackets}.