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Ships passed, in order of sighting

1 Schooner Ada of London
2 Barque Acacia of London bound Madras
3 Royal George of London bound Calcutta
4 Dutch ship Maria Elizabeth from Liverpool bound Melbourne
5 Barque Victory from Liverpool to Calcutta
6 Barque Asc endent from Bombay bound London, cargo of sugar and rice 7 Barque Batavia from Rotterdam bound Java
8 Barque Newcastle from Shields bound to Ceylon
9 Ship Coromandel (In Sydney)
10 THE CHALLENGER (In Sydney, p 28. Went on board)
11 Mail steamship Norma (In Sydney)
12 Great fleet of small craft - China fishing junks etc
13 Large clipper painted blacke towed down (river) with a Steamboat
14 Opium vefsels, fleet of junks, junks, some 3 some 4 masts
15 Several ships from England, in Shanghai
16 China Sanpan belonging to the ship
17 Went on board the Barque Regina of Stockton, in Shanghai
18 Signalised the Barque Regina of Stockton - left Shanghai at the same time. Bound London, carrying tea (like the Countess)
19 American man of war, to Mauritius, 8 days out
20 Big Lina from Sincapore. Captain came on board on the 9th
21 Barque Leopard from Liverpool to Sincapore 103 days out
22 American Ship White Swallow of Boston bound from Melbourne to Sincapore 20 days out
23 Spoke Swedish brig Jenny belonging to Gottenburg from Akyab bound Falmouth 70 days out
24 Ship Aboulta from Calcutta bound to London 80 days out
25 French ship from Mattamai bound to Burdeux 29 days out
26 English barque Aurther Wellesley from Akyab bound to Falmouth 85 days out French barque
27 Concorde belonging to Nantes from Akyab bound to Rouen 93 days out
28 Troopship Cheap-Side bound to London. Had been at St Helena with them
29 The Adam Carr outward bound
30 English barque Granville from Calcutta bound to London 109 days out 31 French barque Laura outward bound
32 French barque Lady Charlotte belonging Hamburgh
33 French ship Francoire Weber from Calcutta to Bourdeaux 107 days out
34 English ship Washington from Callao bound Cork
35 English ship Hanmah Salkeld from Calcutta
36 American Whaler, a Schooner
37 English barque Crown from Cochin bound London 102 days out
38 Brigs Eliza and Fortuna of Liverpool
39 Barque Lebeon from Liverpool bound Cape of Good Hope
40 Scotch brig Nile of Aberdeen - been at Cork for orders
41 Their tug - the steam tug Sir William Wallis, in Margate