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Links to New Zealand newspaper archives

These archives give a fascinating insight into what was happening in that part of the world at that time. If you go to here you can do your own search. If you search for "Countess of Seafield", remember that there were two of them, and an actual Countess too.

These links all open in new windows. Open a link, scroll down and you will see "Countess of Seafield" highlighted.

Aug 1861 The Countess reported as setting off for Melbourne

June 1864 The report of the deadly storm mentioned elsewhere

June 1864 Another ( shorter ) report of the storm

June 1864 Another report of the storm

June 1864 Yet another report of the storm

Nov 1864 An incident in Lyttleton harbour

July 1865 Report of another accident in Lyttleton harbour

July 1865 Another report on the second Lyttleton Harbour incident

Feb 1867 The Countess took 4 ostriches from Mauritius to Melbourne

Jan 1868 Report of the sale of the Countess' cargo ( sugar )

Jan 1870 Report of sale of Countess’ cargo ( sugar )

Nov 1870 Report of the Countess' wreck

Nov 1870 4 survivors of Countess wreck killed by fever

Dec 1870 Capt Pearce and 6 survivors arrive in Melbourne