Page 92 - july 31st to august 6th 1855

Date Course Wind

to London 102 days out, rather lefs wind up to midnight


1 E½N NW In the morning the weather moderate but a heavy sea run­ing shock out all reef's and made sail again, at noon set studding sails fore and aft, two sail in sight, pafsed a piece of timber seamonly mofsed over, fine up to midnight

2 E by N NW by N A pleasant breeze and fine weather going with mostly all sail set studding sails fore and aft, one sail in sight

3 E½N NW A moderate fine breeze with pleasant weather, going with studding sails fore and aft, during the day a Ship and a Barque in sight, Men got the cables on decke and making ready for going into the Channel &c. nice breeze up to midnight

4 E by S WNW Fore part of the day a light breeze from the WNW and heavy showers of rain, one sail on the lee quarter, men holystoning the poop and main deck, latter part bent cables, got soundings at 75 fathoms a white sandy bottom, saw the brig Eliza & Fortuna of Liverpool outward bound

5 E by S S by W A moderate breeze and fine weather, signalised with barque Lebeon from Liverpool bound to the Cape of Good Hope, going with all sail set to the best advantage, at 8 P.M. the Lizard lights bore of us NE by N at a distance of 10 Miles

6 ESE South A nice breeze and hazey thick weather with rain at times. at half past 5 A.M. Start Point bore of us NNW at a distance of 10 Miles, at 9 A.M. the Marquis of Anglesey. Cowes. No 19 Pilot Boat spoke us and asked where we from and where we bound to. at 6 P.M. a perfect calm cast the lead 43 fathoms a gravel and white sand bottom