Page 84 - june 28th to july 2nd 1855

Date Course Wind

down the main and mizen riging, seting up the main stay

29 N by W½W SE In the morning nice breeze and pleasant weather and the sun full out, going with studding sails on both sides fore and aft, at daylight a flying fish was found on board, a 'shoal of porpoises to windward, my wheel from 12 to 2 P.M.

30 N by W½W ESE During the day strong breeze and clear weather, going with studding sail's on both sides fore and aft, my wheel from 8 to 10 A.M. plenty of flying fish in sight, Carpenter employed with his respective duty, Sailmaker repairing the mizen, men cleaning and washing the ship, one sail in sight right a head of us, at a 11 P.M. sighted the Ascension in the moonlight


1 N by W½W ESE At 2 A.M. came right abreast of the Ascension which bore of us WSW at a distance of 13 Miles. To day clear sunney weather runing with a strong breeze studding sails lower and aloft on both sides fore and aft, at 11 A.M. pafsed. the sail we saw right a head of us yesterday and spoke her which is the French barque Concorde belonging to Nantes from Akyab bound to Rouen 93 days out, at noon the troop ship Cheap-Side bound to London, which was at St Helena at the same time we where pafsed us, a nice breeze and fine weather up to midnight

2 N by W SE A strong breeze and the weather rather cloudy, runing with studding sails on both sides fore and aft &c,