Page 78 - may 31st to june 4th 1855

Date Course Wind

mainsail and foresail main and fore royal's set the fore topmast and lower studding sails, middle part of the day a strong breeze took in studding sail's, latter part furl'd sail's double reef'd fore and main topsails sent fore and main royal yard's down, a strong sea from the West


1 NNW West Dull sqaully weather attended with showers of rain and lighting at times, at 3 A.M. all hands to close reef the main topsail and furld the mainsail, my wheel from 6 to 8 A.M. at daylight all hands to furl the foresail, sqaully and heavy showers of rain up to midnight

2 SW WNW This morning allmost calm with shower of rain, shock out some reef's and set main and fore topgallant sail's over single reef'd main and fore topsails, during time I was at the wheel from 8 to 10 AM. saw several of the grampose whale's to leeward, to night shock out all reef's

3 West ENE Nice breeze and pleasant clear weather set studding sails fore and aft, at noon spoke the Sweedish brig Jenny belonging to Gottenburg from Akyab bound to Falmouth 70 days out, strong breeze up to midnight

4 SW by W NW by W This morning a strong contrary wind took in all studding sails furl'd fore and main topgallant sails, at 4.A.M. double reef'd fore and main topsails tacked ship, and at 8 A.M. shock out a reef in each topsail, and at noon shock out all reef's and made sail again, at midnight all hands