Page 70 - april 30th to may 5th 1855

Date Course Wind

30 WSW SE   This morning strong breeze and fine weather stowed the anchors before breakfast, she is going with all sail set to the best advantage studding sails fore and aft, caught a large bird called a Bouby it is about 4½ feet between tip and tip of the wings with a beek 2 inches long and webed feet it resembled the English pett gull both by shapes and colour


1 WSW SE A moderate steady breeze and pleasant weather, runing with mostly all sail set studding sail's fore and aft, several sea fowls to see, beautiful weather up to midnight

2 WSW½S SE Fore part strong wind and a heavy sqaul attended with a strong shower or rain took in all studding sails, middle part set the fore topmast studding sail, one sail in sight to leeward, latter part lefs wind and clear moon light night set studding sails fore and aft

3 WSW½S SE Strong breeze and clear weather going with studding sails fore and aft, my wheel from 12 to 2 A.M. a strong SE sea runing pleasant clear weather up to midnight

4 WSW SE Strong SE trades and beautiful fine weather this morning at daylight saw a sail to windward expecting it to be the Barque Regina of Stockton on Tees, our pretty Countefs is going 10 knot's an hour with studding sails fore and aft, beautiful nice moon light weather up to midnight

5 WSW½S SE Strong wind form the SE and heavy sea runing, going to day with sails set as yesterday, Carpenter making