Page 63 - march 30th to april 4th 1855


30 This morning nice pleasant weather, at 8 A.M. got under weigh and kept droping down and brought up in the river Yang-tse about noon, towards the close of the evening squaley with rain, thunder & lighting

31 At day light this morning fine pleasant weather, got under weigh and making progrefs down the river at half past 10 A.M. brought up in 6 fathoms of water, at noon got under weigh and kept flying to windward at 6 P.M. brought up in 4 fathoms of water with the wind from the East

April 1 Light breeze from the SE at 5 A.M. tot under weigh and kept bearing to windward; at 9 A.M. brought up in ¼ lefs 5 fathoms of water, Gutzlaff-Island bore of us SE. at 15 Miles distance, at 2 P.M. got under weigh and continued beating to windward with a strong breeze, at 7 P.M. brought up in 5 fathoms of water

Date Course Wind

2 South North Strong breeze from the North, and hazey weather, at 4 A.M. got under weigh and came out to sea, and then squred away with a fair wind earring mostly all sail, a beautiful fine night

3 SW North Strong breeze as yesterday, runing with fore topmast & lower studding sails set, at noon signalised with the Barque Regina of Stockton, which left Shanghae at the same time we did, at 10 P.M. set main topgallant 8; topmast studding sails

4 SW NE A nice breeze and pleasant weather this morning runing with a fair wind studding sails on both sides fore and aft, at noon came on drizling rain, Carpenter requsite in ship duty, Sailmaker making cartridge bags, Men with the respective ship duty, I was at the wheel from 2 to 4 P.M. got out a fine night