Page 58 - february 25th to march 2nd 1855


make this statement to the emperor, otherwise he would have been blamed for allowing the chief rebel to escape

Taken from the North China Herald. No. 239 - February 24th, 1855

26 Strong breeze from the SE the weather rainney, Carpenter caulking, Sailmaker connected with ship duty, men employed cleaning taring and filing the pretty little Countefs to the best advantage

27 During the day a very strong breeze from the South and the weather dreadful cold. Carpenter making improvements for takeing in Tea, Sailmaker making a tarpauling, Men variously employed

28 Strong wind during the day from the N.W. and the weather frosty and cold, Carpenter caulking, Sailmaker at is respective work, Men employed with the respective little Countefs duty


1 Fore part light breeze and weather frosty, Middle part strong wind from Thursday the West, latter part nearly calm and clear weather, Carpenter employed as yesterday, Sailmaker repairing a topgallant sail, Men employed painting the ship round and making her tidy

2 Moderate weather to day and a nice breeze, Carpenter making the hatch smaller that is in the round-house, Sailmaker repairing a topsail, Men employed with the respective ship duty, The Chines in the dusk at nights has a pole erected on shore and as lights placed upon this pole a large one on the top, and below very close