Page 48 - january 31st to february 3rd 1855

Date Course Wind

Pig up and put it in salt, about 8 P.M. rather more wind furled main topgallant sail at 11 P.M. furl'd outer jib, single reef'd fore & main topsail's as the breeze is increasing up to midnight

Lat. 27°32'49"N.


1 NNE NW Strong breeze's and dull weather about 9mA.M. furl'd iner jib, double reef'd fore & main topsail's, at noon wind increasing close reef'd fore & main topsail's, reef'd foresail & mainsail and then furl'd them both, at 6 P.M. mizen sheet gave way brailed the mizen in and furl'd it, set the main trysail, a heavy sea struck the ship and stove two length's of midship bulwork in, shortly after the fore topmast staysail gave way, furl'd the fore topsail and made all snug, strong gale of wind now with a heavy short NW sea runing

Lat. 29°11'. N.

2 NE by E N by W Strong gale's and squarley with heavy showers of snow at 5 P.M. set the close reef'd fore topsail & fore topmast staysail a strong jumbling short sea runing, which makes the ship role very much; to night she is under close reef'd topsail's, main trysail and fore topmast staysail, at 8 P.M. tacked ship, set the reef'd foresail & mainsail before midnight

Lat. 29°44'44"N.

3 West NNW Strong breeze and the weather cloudy, at 7 AM set iner jib, and mizen, at 10 AM shock out a reef in the fore & main topsail's, shock out the reef of the mainsail, furl'd