Page 4 - August 2nd to August 10th 1854

Date Course Wind

2 Wind as yesterday fine and coole the fore part of the day, the latter part about the same, to be seen today a few of the black fish, plenty of porpoises, and a large number of the flying fish to windward, three sail in sight

3 Fine morning, clear and a bright sky wind still contrary

4 To day much the same as yesterday, saw a few flying fish, it is our washing day, we were verry bussey employed washing

5 Daylight this morning a flying fish was found on board they are about the size of a troot but of a fine silverry colour nice spread wings according to its size, near the line

6 Pleasant weather wind keeps contrary, saw two small sea birds about the size of a swallow to leeward, a few flying fish

Crossed the line

7 Strong breeze this morning, saw plenty of porpoises on the weather bow

8 Fine and sunney fore parts latter parts squarely with showers of rain, saw 2 homeward bound sail the one America barque the other an English ship, we have crofsed the line between now and the 5th day

9 Strong breeze during the day royals furled, and fore topgallant sail, saw some sea birds to leeward

10 Nice breeze today, she is going verry pleasant with nearly all her sails sett