Page 30 - november 30th to december 4th 1854

Date Course Wind

30 ENE SE Light breeze during the day she is going with all sail sett studding sails fore and aft crew employed as requisite. Carpenter at water works Sailmaker repairing a studding sail

December 1

E by S NNE Soon this morning came on a strong contrary wind tooke in all studding sails about noon furled fore and main royals crew employed_setting the foremast forward, drawing, knoting, and balling rope yarns, Sailmaker employed as yesterday, Carpenter caulking

2 NE by E SE During the fore part of the day sett main and fore royals got a fair wind and lost it again crew variously employed. Sailmaker requisite Carpenter employed as yesterday one sail in sight .

3 NE by E South Nice pleasant and fine weather through the day she is running with a fair wind studding sails fore and aft, plenty of sea fowls to see

4 E by N North Strong breeze light rain with thunder at times tooke in fore and main royals fore and main top gallant sails single reef'd fore and main topsails crew cleaning arm's and other work. Sailmaker repairing the main topmast staysail. Carpenter employed caulking and running tar in the seams