Page 26 - october 29th november 5th 1854

Date Course Wind

the person I just mentioned St James Church bells was going I went to hear a semon where he preached from the 7 Chapt and 12 Vers Gospl Luke

30 Dull and showers of rain this morning, the houses on Phillip Street shows to me what is been made formly as been chiefly made of wood but a great many nice buildings is in it now, St James parke is situated in a nice pleasant place it joins close to St Jame's Church and extends as far south, as South Head Road. There is Catolic Cathedarel in building on the east side of St Jame's Parke close to the road side

31 Fine weather to day it his cooler as the sky in overcast very nice working for us during the worke hours, some days the wind gets up very strong and the dust fly's about so, well people can hardly meet it

Novem 1 The fore part of the day hot, I was in King Street it is a beautiful place very fine shop's of Jewlery and wearing apparel of all sorts and other shops of different kinds, it crofses from Pitt Street and acrofs Georges Street

2 During the day the weather very close and hot

3 The fore part of the day hot at noon posted letters and New's papers for England, the latter part of the day a strong cooling breeze

4 I was in Cambridge Street to day it is chiefly the lower clafs of people that reside in it, a nice working day the sky overcast

5 This forenoon I had a walke by the fort and close to the Botanic Gardens and round the paths into the town, where it is most pleasant ramble, I saw the Statue of Lieutenant General Sir Richard Bourke KCB.