Page 2 - July 10th to July 24th 1854

Date Course Wind

10 Pleasant weather SW.

11 End of Maderia SE by S estimated distance 30 miles

12 Light wind and clear weather

13 Fine weather studding sails set on both sides fore and aft

14 Fine weather running down the SE trades Fine weather running as yesterday

15 Daylight 3 sail in sight fine weather

16 Fine weather at times showery

17 Pleasant weather throughout

18 Same like weather as yesterday

19 Pafsed Cape Verds Island's plenty of flying fish in sight at times

20 Light wind two sail in sight

21 Pleasant weather saw plenty of the grampass whales on our weather quarter saw two sea fowl's ahead several ships in sight spoke the ship Royal George from London bound to Calcutta signalised with her

22 It was my wheel from 6 o'clock to 8 this morning her course S½E light wind 3 sail in sight to night rather more wind a few flying fish, rather dull, on the lee bow two ships lights

23 Spoke the Dutch ship Maria Elizabeth from Liverpool bound to Mebourne 25 days out a couple of Pigeons came from her let on our foreyard and then went back again my wheel from 10 to 12 o clock stearing S by E fine weather small fish to windward

24 Signalised with the Barque Victory from Liverpool bound to