Page 18 - october 1st to october 3rd 1854

Date Course Wind

topsail on the poop some of the men middle stitching it the Sailmaker the foot, some of the others matting the main sheroods foot the night being thicke and hazey, a few sea fowls to see

Oct 1 ESE WSW Strong breeze the weather thicke and falls damp the fore part of the day she is going with sails set as yesterday my wheel from 8 to 10 o clock this forenoon the latter part of the day fine and clear, we had very comfortable prayers on board

2 ESE West During the day a pleasant breeze and the weather fine running with nearly all sails set, Sailmaker and part of the crew working at the same sail today as they where on Saturday others variously employed Carpenter at his own sort of worke '

3 ESE WNW Fine weather and a light breeze during the day running with the wind right aft studding sails on both sides fore and aft and a strong sea running which causes the ship to role heavy, some of the men afsisting the Sailmaker with the sail they have been working on for these two days past others at different sort of work such as puting on the main, riging shearbattons, spining foxes, stroping blocks, got the gig off the poop into her own place, it is my wheel from 4 to 6 o clock this evening, Plenty of Albatroses to see they come close to the ship a few Cape Pigeons keeps following the ship yet towards the close of the day the weather came in a fogg with small rain