Page 10 - September 1st to September 5th 1854

Date Course Wind

Sept 1 SE NE by E Fine light breeze this morning lets the single reef’s out of the main and fore topsails fine weather during the day crew employed washing there cloths Carpenter and Sailmaker recqured

2 SSE EN Pleasant weather and a fine breeze going along with all all sailsett, saw plenty of ice birds and Cape Pigeons to day, crew variously employed Sailmaker repairing a sail

3 SE by S E by N Strong breeze and verry cold this morning, in the fore noon the sun breaks out at times which makes it look more pleasant, the afternoon much the same, I had a wheel from 4 to 6 a clock, saw a sail right astern, an Albatrose and a great number of Cape Pigeons to see, we where at prayers in the cabin to night, the night is fine and clear

4 SE ENE During the morning a strong breeze furled both royals and unbent the fore topgallantsail to be repaired. Sailmaker and the crew is employed in repairing it, got the fore topsail done towards night bent and sett it, sett the fore and main royals and flying jib, during the night fine and moon light

5 East N by E Fine light breeze this morning she was going with all sail sett, towards the middle of the day the wind increased to a strong breeze took in the fore royal flying jib, and main topgallant staysail, we are meeting a heavy sea, crew variously employed, saw a Barqe too windward, Cook slaughterd a sheep,