Page 1 - June 19th to July 9th 1854

Date Course Wind

Date Monday June 19th 1854, left London

Stopped at Gravesend Monday night


20 Left Gravesend in the morning brought up in the Downs

21 Pilot left the ship Crew variously employed

22 Still laying in the Downs

23 Got under weigh but went back into the Downs again

24 Still laying in the Downs

25 Left the Downs light winds brought up of Dover to stop tide

26 Put Captains wife on shore at Brighton

27 Strong gales went back to Dungenefs left in the evening

28 Abreast of Beachey Head light winds

29 Light winds saw the Island of Alderney

30 Squarley weather reefed top sails etc

1 Saw the Island of Uslan

2 Contrary winds tacked ship occaisionly

3 Strong contrary wind at times spoke Schooner Ada of London Homeward bound

4 First part clear latter part thick with small rain

5 During the day raining caught some water

6 Got fair wind set studding sails

7 Plesant breeze pafsed several ships

8 Plesant weather cleaned Arms

9 Spoke the Barque Acacia of London 19 days outbound for Madras