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John Harrison - history

John Eden Harrison.

Author of the "log" of the Countess of Seafield

Born Lofthouse ( Loftus ) in 1818.

1842 "Labourer", living in Lofthouse ( from his marriage certificate )

1851 Census--"Alum labourer"

1852 Census--"Labourer" ( from Hannah’s birth cert)

1853 Census--"Labourer" ( from Lavinia’s birth cert)

August 1854 -- “Sailor” ( from Richard’s birth cert)

September 1856 -- “Alum miner” ( from Henrietta’s birth cert)

1861 Census--"Alum labourer", living in Skinningrove

January 1864 -- Labourer in Alum works ( from Sophia Ellen’s birth cert)

1871 Census--"Labourer", living in Hummersea

1881 Census--"Quarryman (stone)", living in Allinor Works House, Hummersea

1887 - “Mason” ( from Sophia Ellen/William Taylor’s marriage cert )

John Eden Harrison married Mary Eden who was born in Loftus of a farming family. They had 11 children:

Anne Harrison­ - born 1846

Was a Lady's maid ( on the 1861 census there was an Anne Harrison who was a 16 year old General servant living with Bonser Smith at Downdinner Hill, Loftus )

There are various articles still in the family which were given to her by the Lady - inscribed carriage clock , lace nightdress, tray.

When visiting home used to stay with sister Sophia Ellen.

Brought home many kid gloves

Wore crinolines

John Eden - born 1847
According to the Census, in 1881 he was an Ironstone Miner living at Allinor Works House with John E, Mary, Richard and Sophia Ellen

Martin Harrison - born 1849

1861 Census--"'Shoemaker’s apprentice", living at home

1871 Census-""Shoemaker", living on his own in Loftus

1881 Census-""Shoemaker", unmarried, living at 50 High St, Loftus

Mary Jane Harrison - born 1851

Hannah Harrison - born 1852

Lavinia Harrison - born 1853

Richard Harrison
Born 1st August 1854. Registered by mother, occupation of father "Sailor"

According to the Census, in 1881 he was an Ironstone Miner living at Allinor Works House with John E, Mary, John E ( junior ) and Sophia Ellen

Farmed at Eden House ( on Whitby Moor Road near the Glaisdale turn)

Married his housekeeper, who had lived at Beehive Farm, when in his 80's. He died 6 months later. His house would have gone to his eldest son John who had always worked there, but it went to her, and went out of the family.

Eden House was used by the gentry for shooting parties.

Henrietta Harrison - born 1857

Louisa Harrison - born 1859
Moved to Preston, Lancashire

Annie Maria Harrison - born 1862
Spinster, lived with Richard

In addition, two of the sisters ( probably two of Hannah / Lavinia / Henrietta) lived together at Durban House, Loftus

Sophia Ellen - born 1864, Christened 19th March 1864 in Brotton

Lived at Wingate House, 271 Marton Rd, Middlesbrough.

In Loftus church there is believed to be a stained glass window given by the Harrison family in memory of either Anne or Annie Maria although we haven't been able to confirm that yet