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14th December 2008
I have been given links to The Shipping Gazette - an Australian newspaper which was devoted entirely to ship movements and have been able to find out from there the cargo carried to Australia on the voyage described in the log, and also to discover that from Sydney to Shanghai she only carried ballast. See the cargo page

10th December 2008
I have added a number of links to the New Zealand newspaper archive. The links all relate to the Countess. Follow the Some useful links link on the homepage, to the right, or go directly there by clicking here

November 2008

For various reasons this web site has taken a long time to get published. Apologies to those I have been in contact with over the years. It is by no means definitive so we would love to hear from anyone who can cast any light on the Countess, the "other" Countess, or the voyages of either.
Or anything else for that matter